Now your children can keep in touch with you – wherever you are – with Homelink! Homelink is our “special number” service for keeping your children in touch with you when they are away from home. It is  popular with schools as it doesn’t distract other students and your child is focussed in class and not texting, surfing the net or posting selfies on social media sites. Many parents with children at boarding schools use Homelink.

 Your children can call you from any UK telephone without the need for cash and at much cheaper rates than the BT charge-card or a mobile phone. You don’t need to worry about your child losing their mobile phone and not having a means of contacting you. Or your child’s school may not permit its pupils to take a mobile phone onto the premises.

All this means you need a truly workable, simple and cost-effective alternative.
Class Networks Homelink service is a simple and safe way to call home.

How Homelink works

  • Your child is provided with his or her own personal Homelink Freephone number (an 0800 number).
  • They then simply dial their special number (for free) and will be connected to their speed-dial options.
  • Their Personal Homelink Guide will detail which speed-dial number (from 0-9) they should press to reach a particular family member (you provide us with that information when you complete the order form).
  • The Homelink number cannot be used to dial any number of choice – the service can only be used to ring the dedicated numbers that are set up for it.


To order Homelink, simply download the Order Form to the right and either scan and email it back to us at or post it to Homelink 1st floor Foundation House, 42-48 London Rd, Reigate RH2 9QQ

Or, if you simply want speak to us about Homelink, please call our Homelink Team on 0333 800 8811, Op 3.

Once we’ve received your order form, we aim to have your new service setup and the Homelink card delivered to your chosen UK Postal address within 5 working days (1 working week).

Making changes to the Homelink number

You also have access to our Homelink on-line portal. This means you can change the speed-dial settings for your child’s Homelink number. If, for example, you lost your mobile phone you would need to change the mobile number you had set up on your child’s speed-dial. With access to the Homelink portal you simply make the relevant change and calls will automatically be put through to your new mobile number.

It’s that simple.

Transparent billing

You can even review your child’s Homelink usage via the parent portal each month to see what you’re likely to billed for!

How you pay

If you have a UK bank account your invoice comes to you via email and you pay monthly by Direct Debit for your Homelink service, rental charge, and for the calls your children make to the preset speed-dial numbers – it’s that simple!

If you don’t have a UK bank account, not to worry.

We understand that you may not live in the UK, please email and we will arrange for payments to be made. Your invoice comes to you via email.

Homelink v Mobile phone

HomelinkMobile Phone
Convenient – can call from any UK phoneNeed to have the mobile handset on you
No texting, social media or callsDistracting in classroom
Calls are to designated numbers onlyDifficult to control and can usually access internet
Cheaper than BT charge card or mobile ratesCan make calls to others – so you have less control
Acceptable at schools – just let the school admin knowDistracting- not all schools allow mobile phones
Cannot be stolen – no value to anyone elseThe handset has value and if stolen, calls can be made until it is blocked