Improving efficiency and driving down cost is a constant business challenge. Communications technology can do just that but deploying it successfully is all about careful implementation and finding the right balance between operational benefits and return on investment. 

Reduce costs and prioritise your applications

If you have multiple sites and your current network is a hybrid of PSTN, ADSL and Leased lines connected to disparate systems, chances are you would benefit from a converged network solution.

You could soon see the financial return by using MPLS technology to create a converged network allowing you to run your data, voice, and multimedia traffic through a single platform with a single supplier. Furthermore, you can prioritise specific applications such as IP telephony, video and business critical data using multiple classes of service. Having a single network for all your applications results in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

Flexibility with round-the-clock care

Our carrier integration model allows you to choose technology and applications for individual sites within your network with the flexibility to evolve your design as your needs change. Plus your services are managed round-the-clock by our skilled technical team, giving you peace of mind that should an issue arise the impact on your operations is minimised. Our portal-based operational tools ensure that you have the level of visibility and control you need.


  • Allow you and your employees to access company information network-wide
  • Home workers and satellite offices able to share the same company resources as staff at head office
  • Guaranteed security of data exchanged between locations
  • Multiple connectivity options including ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Ethernet
  • Integrated secure Internet access via your own virtual private network
  • Increase your productivity by giving immediate access to resources whilst reducing operational costs