Are your telephones being used in the way that they were intended – for business use only?

At Class Networks, we take serious measures to protect our customers from costs incurred as a result of fraud.  We are so confident in our fraud protection services we offer to cover up the cost of calls incurred through fraud – up to £10,000 with VoiceSafe.

PBX fraud is on the increase, with fraudsters dialling into business telephone systems and making calls to high-value destinations, either out of hours or during weekends and bank holidays, costing companies billions of pounds every year.

VoiceSafe from Class Networks is there to protect your business should be become a victim of fraudulent calls.  Networks charge for these types of calls and the cost is passed onto end users.  Class Networks VoiceSafe enables you to reclaim the value of the calls so you are not left out of pocket.

Tips for protecting your business

  • Set strong passwords on your Voicemail and Telephone Systems.
  • Block the ability to dial 09 premium numbers.
  • Only enable international calling to areas you need to call for business.
  • Use call barring to restrict out of hours calling.
  • Register for VoiceSafe and be covered up to £10,000.
  • Ensure your phone system conforms to all manufacturers fraud protection recommendations.

At Class Networks, as part of our service to our customers, we ensure that the telephone systems we maintain conform to all the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines to prevent fraud, within the cost of your maintenance contract.

Protect your systems

If you need help resetting your passwords or want any advice on how to protect your system contact our support team.