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There is nothing more frustrating than losing broadband connectivity whether at home or in the office and often smaller broadband circuits do not come with the SLAs offered with more robust ethernet connections.

Typically a standard broadband circuit will have come with a ‘best efforts’ SLA to get a broken circuit up and running.

Loss of connectivity causes disruption and frustration, and for business owners the effects can be catastrophic leading to missed calls and loss of business.

The cost of broadband is still extremely low compared to the reliance businesses are placing on it. Over the last 10 years, the critical nature of broadband to businesses has continued to increase, even though fundamentally the product was designed as a non-critical residential product.

After an extensive review of our customers, it was clear that there was a very high demand to add a service wrap to our broadband products to enhance the service received and to counter unexpected costs should there be an outage and the need to involve on-site engineering support to investigate the root causes. Therefore, as a valued customer and as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver to you the highest quality service, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Broadband Protect service.

Broadband Protect is an enhanced service package to help identify the root cause of the issue of a broadband fault and restore your broadband service at the earliest opportunity.

With the emphasis on service and extending our reach to you, this business-critical service will provide the following additional benefits, where notably, should a site visit be required by either Openreach or alternatively, one of our own engineers, we will cover the cost*, this allows us to request the attendance of an engineer without delay or the fear of unexpected charges ensuring no time is lost;

• Free of charge router replacement including delivery

• Out-of-hours 365/24/7 troubleshooting support by our in-house staff

• Cost of engineering site visits included, this may be Openreach or own in-house engineer*

The reliance on continuous connectivity to be able to join online meetings and use cloud-based applications has never been stronger, as remote working grows. Make sure your business stays connected with Broadband Protect.

*up to the value of £250.00 per annum

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