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Cumberland Lodge connect to Class Networks Hosted Voice services

About Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge is an educational charity and unique conference centre in the heart of the Great Park, Windsor. As Patron, The Queen has granted sole occupancy of this beautiful 17th century house for discussions aimed at the betterment of society. The Lodge plays host to many educational institutions, charities and government organisations and runs its own programme to initiate fresh debate on issues of national and international significance.

Why Cumberland Lodge chose Class Networks

Following a rigorous tendering process Class Networks was appointed to implement its hosted telephony solution. Class came out top in all the key areas of end user functionality, value for money, technical expertise and endorsements from existing customers.

What was the challenge?

The Lodge had outgrown its existing telephony system and interim fixes to cope with extra extensions were very limited and affecting call quality. The new system had to be capable of supporting users in several out-buildings within the grounds and as the Lodge operates 24/7 there could be no downtime during the migration process. Staff resistance to change was high if it meant having to learn new technology.

What was the solution?

Moving to VoIP technology was a clear financial and practical benefit that would optimise the Lodge’s recent investment in new IT cabling infrastructure and Ethernet connectivity. As a Hosted solution, the new service could be installed with minimum disruption and run alongside the existing system, allowing staff to be trained before the switch over. The inherent flexibility of the Class Hosted Voice platform would allow the Lodge to add and change users quickly and seamlessly whilst the routing design would ensure the highest call quality with maximum reliability.

What was the outcome?

Increased productivity, reduced cost, centralised management

  • Consistent user experience – staff were given new handsets before the switchover and the increased and intuitive functionality of the system meant the learning curve was short.
  • Increased productivity – as a fully managed end to end solution, valuable internal resource can now focus on core activities.
  • Reduced cost – with voice and data now running on the same network, redundant connectivity has been discontinued. The cost of new handsets is included in the monthly license fee with a built-in call allowance to landlines and mobiles. Unlike their previous system there is no on-going maintenance and support charge.
  • Built-in disaster recovery – in cases of site emergencies, incoming calls can quickly and easily be redirected and staff can log in at home as though they were in the office.
  • Expandable platform – additional and users can be connected quickly and seamlessly.
  • Managed service desk – users have a single point of contact for all telephony issues.

Cumberland Lodge

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