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VoiceSafe – Falcon Equine Feeds

Falcon Equine Feeds have been developing specialist foods and nutritional supplements since 1999.

Pleasure riders and Olympic teams alike have benefited from the expert advice given by Falcon Equine Feeds to enhance and optimise the long term welfare of their horses. Products developed by Falcon Equine Feeds are available across the globe through a network of retail and wholesale outlets. A leader in their field, Falcon Equine Feeds have been appointed as the official feed supplier to the world famous All England Show Jumping Course at Hickstead, England.


For any organisation a telephone bill well above the average would be a surprise and for most it is a cost they have to bear, even if the calls have been made by telephone fraudsters.

Over the course of a weekend plagued by storms and power cuts Falcon Equine Feeds fell victim to a series of fraudulent attacks on their telephone system when hackers dialled in remotely and generated a telephone bill equivalent to two years call charges in just two weeks.

Luckily, Falcon Equine Feeds had been trialling VoiceSafe, which meant their system had been protected by the VoiceSafe network and system offering. A second attack was caught and the company’s telephones were blocked. Due to the attack happening intermittently over a time of disruption to the power supply it was only when the power returned that the fraud was detected and stopped. The VoiceSafe commitment is to protect the system and network and if the fraudsters still access the system, up to £10,000 will be paid out in compensation. In this case the attack was picked up and stopped but not before over £6,000.00 worth of calls were racked up.

The VoiceSafe commitment was honoured and £6,000 of costs was covered for Falcon Equine Feeds. Although Telephone Fraud costs organisations millions of pounds every year, very little is known about it by those vulnerable to attack. Criminals are becoming increasingly advanced in their methods often striking at weekends and out of hours, when business premises are empty, hacking into the telephone systems of unsuspecting organisations and making large numbers of calls to expensive call destinations.

“We are nothing but grateful for VoiceSafe and would like to help other businesses realise how vulnerable they are.”

The Class Networks Solution

Organisations constantly undervalue the importance of using a reputable company that will take the necessary steps to help prevent them from becoming a victim of telephone fraud when installing & maintaining a telephone system and choosing a provider for network based Calls & Lines.

Class Networks have developed VoiceSafe as a proactive service to defend customer’s telephone systems and telephony network access from fraud. We actively look to bar out of hours calls to specific vulnerable locations and lock our customers systems down. This is achieved easily where we maintain the system and where this is not the case we look at external telephony protection using a variety of methods we have developed over a number of years. We are so confident in our ability to protect our customers that if fraud still happens, as in the case of Falcon Equine Feeds, we will pay up to £10,000.00 of compensation as a credit against calls made through fraudulent activity on a VoiceSafe protected system.

The Benefits

VoiceSafe is a revolutionary product available from Class Networks. It means Class Networks can use its vast experience and look at every way to lock your telephony down both internally and at a network level to protect your organisation against fraudulent attack and, as in the case of Falcon Equine Feeds, if the fraudsters still get through our compensation offering covers the costs of the attack (up to £10,000) – a cost that without VoiceSafe the fraud victim would be responsible for paying.

Falcon Equine Feeds were surprised at how easy it was to become a victim. Delighted with the service they have received and the protection offered by VoiceSafe they are keen to share their experience to make other businesses aware of just how easily they can be targeted and the financial implications to an organisation if they are not protected. “We are constantly made aware of on-line fraud yet so little is known about telephone fraud” commented Falcon Equine Feeds. “As a result of this we have a much better understanding of the potential damage telephone fraud can cause a business. We are nothing but grateful for VoiceSafe and would like to help others businesses realise how vulnerable they are.”

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