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Quick and simple options to get you working from home in a matter of hours.

Do you need help setting up your Homeworkers & Business Continuity plans? 
If yes, it’s not too late.

Considering the unprecedented current situation and government advice, we just wanted to let you know that we are here to help. It’s not too late to set up homeworking and ensure you are prepared for business continuity over the next few months.

We have some quick and simple options to get you working from home in a matter of hours, ensuring that you are protecting your employees, supporting your customers and keeping your organisation up and running.

If You Have the Following We Can Help;

Fixed Lines – Analogue, ISDN lines, or Non-geographical numbers (03/08) operating through a traditional onsite PBX Telephone System.

The quickest solution is to deploy a link, called an Admin Call Divert, between your existing setup and our VoIP system called Hosted Voice. We can simply place a divert on your lines and deploy your users with a smartphone App (or softphones to their PCs). Calls will be routed via our VoIP system enabling remote working for your users.

All callers will still dial your main number as normal and when you call them your number will appear on their phone e.g. outbound calls made via the App or softphone will always display your main number.

Pricing starts £14.99 per user per month (30-day term) and includes user license, unlimited calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles, Softphone and Mobile App. (please note there will be a one off set up fee)

Dedicated Mobile SIM Solution

Class Networks is able to supply 30-day SIM only mobile contracts using any of the four main networks, EE, O2, Vodafone or Three, or a combination with various packages available.

A range of voice and data and mobile broadband packages are also available. In addition, we have a full range of mobile hardware available for immediate deployment.

Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Migration and TEAMS Training

As mentioned, the above options are quick and simple short-term solutions to get you working from home in a matter of hours. In addition, we are experienced Cloud IT specialists and can set up Microsoft Office 365 licenses and provide full migration in 6 to 8 weeks.

If you already have Office 365 please remember to use the TEAMS App as this gives you access to heaps of services; enabling colleagues and external parties to collaborate / share documents and work together on projects via chat, email, conferencing and voice calling. We can provide online TEAMS training if required.

For more information email:

Or call: 0333 800 8822

In recent years the term business continuity has become synonymous with back-up and disaster recovery strategies. However, effective continuity planning has an influence over a wide range of business processes and technologies; including connectivity, communications, data security, mobility and accessibility.

Business continuity planning is more than simply keeping the lights on. The International  Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) defines business continuity as “the capability of the organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident”.

To a certain extent, what constitutes business continuity is defined by what is a disruptive event? This doesn’t always have to be a major, unpredicted catastrophe. Disruption to your business could simply be the inability of a key staff member to travel to the office because of adverse weather conditions, the inadvertent cutting of a telephone line by construction workers or the loss of a user’s device.

Keeping Connected

As the majority of business processes rely on connectivity in one form or another, it is essential that users have access to data, applications and communications at all times. Continuity means eliminating a single point of failure and offering both hard-wired and wireless connectivity, whether your IT and telephony is on-premise, in the Cloud or a Hybrid system leveraging the best of both worlds.

Remote Working

Mobility and BYOD have become standard operating procedure for most organisations; providing access to users on any device, anywhere. The continuity benefits of the ability to work remotely are obvious. Users are not limited to a single point of access and are able work with the same degree of freedom and accessibility at home, in the office or on the move.

Backup and Recovery

Should the worst happen and your organisation suffers a major incident that threatens continuity, it is important to have an effective backup and recovery plan in place. Recovery is not just about gaining access to your data and applications; it also means keeping communication lines open for employees and customers alike.

With our Class Network hosted telephony solution, phone numbers can be diverted to alternative locations, or even to mobile numbers, ensuring you keep connected. From a customer perspective, any changes are completely transparent and don’t impact on their experience.

Class Networks Services

Our Project and Account management teams have the knowledge to help guide you through the maze of products available. With nearly thirty years experience in the telecommunications and networks industry we will look for the best solutions that are flexible, scalable and future-proof. We are partners with some of the world’s leading edge companies ensuring you get the best return on your investment. Our friendly Customer Support team  is based in the UK and is available 24/7. This is why we have over 1,100 clients in the voluntary sector and in the business world such as Friends of the Earth and Leonardo Helicopters.