Launched in 2018, Teams has become one of Microsoft’s fastest selling products, providing a one stop shop for communication, collaboration and file sharing. Teams users can talk and share files across the Teams Platform, both internally and with other Teams users outside of the organisation.

Teams Voice from Class Networks, now enables users to make and receive external calls via the Teams client to people outside the Teams environment. This means you can replace your existing phone system with Teams Voice, saving money and managing your organisation through Microsoft Office 365!

Offering traditional telephone system functionality like ring groups, auto attendants and voicemail, Class Networks Teams Voice enables organisations to use Teams as a single communication platform that integrates a calling plan with, chat, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, file storage and collaboration into single application that all works together seamlessly.

Class Networks Teams Voice has been designed for organisations looking to replace their telephone system, enhance Teams services and benefit from full unified communications via Teams.

Is Teams Voice an option for your organisation?

Class Networks Teams Voice can provide a telephony solution for the following:-

  • Existing Teams users or those in the process of adopting Teams for collaboration, file sharing and conferencing
  • Organisations looking to move to a cloud-based system
  • Old or on-premise telephone systems that need replacing
  • Planning for business continuity and home working
  • A need for a single application to provide voice, video, IM, collaboration

How does Teams Voice work?

Teams Voice enables standard telephony via Teams allowing users to make and receive external calls to landlines, mobiles and international telephone numbers.

A variety of devices can be used to make and receive calls, from a selection of handsets, headphones connected to a PC, or a mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are, and whichever device you are using you have the capability to make and receive calls as well as all the standard features associated with Microsoft Teams.

Costs are kept to a minimum as you are leveraging your investment into the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which most organisations already pay for. By enabling Class Networks Teams Voice your telephone system can be de-commissioned along with any costs associated with it; such as fixed line rentals, SIP trunk rentals or cloud telephony user licensing

Why Move? The Benefits of Class Networks Teams Voice

Potential cost savings

  • Most customers are using O365 and paying for licencing, therefore utilising Microsoft for a phone system functionality could represent a cost saving Vs a separate phone system. E.g. license costs, maintenance, lines and call costs.

Simple for end users to understand

  • A single application for voice, video conferencing, IM, collaboration, file storage. Historically several applications provided these services

Ease of management and support

  • Less applications to install and manage means less support requests from end users

Home working and disaster recovery

  • Connect to Teams on any device and location and continue to make / receive calls

Teams users that connect from many different locations, networks and devices

  • Users can access voice services from the installed software, mobile app, or web browser, overcomes difficult network environments

Less hardware on site

  • Fully cloud based, no equipment is installed on site


  • All data traffic between the end user client and our servers is secure and encrypted

Microsoft Office 365 Teams

Launched in 2018, Teams has become one of Microsoft’s fastest selling products, providing a one stop shop for communication. Teams users can talk to other Teams users within their own organisation and in any other organisation also using Teams across the globe!

Chat, call, collaborate and meet with Microsoft Teams, as part of Office 365, and access heaps of services through the Teams hub and more:-

– Chat, call & meet across devices inc. mobile

– File and screen sharing

– Instant Messaging

– Track project notes, files, chat and meetings in 1 place

– Audio, web and video conferencing

– Cloud recording of meetings

– Advanced call management e.g. call routing, auto attendant and reporting

Please get in touch if you would like more information on Teams Voice, Teams and training or one of our other telephony solutions.