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We’ve become video savvy. Video conferencing has become ubiquitous on desktops, and mobile devices that have an embedded camera. In our social lives we use video conferencing to keep in touch with family and friends. 



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Todays demand for video in the workplace is “bottom-up” and employees are more likely to use it in their business lives, which means a higher ROI for purchase of visual collaboration services. 

Shift from infrastructure to software

Historically only large corporates could afford the infrastructure costs of endpoints in meeting rooms, purpose built appliances in the server room and specialist hardware. It was strictly a “top-down” affair. The generic servers and PCs weren’t powerful enough to support high-quality videoconferencing.

Today a typical PC can host a business quality video conferencing meeting, a tablet or phone has enough power in it to support a great session. Improvements in cloud based tools and applications have made this affordable and accessible. Businesses are increasingly using desktop video conferencing which is a core component of unified communications applications and web conferencing services. Finally, a software deployment is “future‐proof” since it is relatively easy to update, at least compared to the burden of purchasing and installing new hardware every few years.


Today’s customers are just as quality sensitive. Today’s solutions are well designed to deal with the vagaries of the public Internet and can “self-repair” an impacted meeting, hiding issues from users. The bottom line is that by carefully choosing a cutting‐edge videocon­ferencing solutions, you can all but eliminate meeting failures which may block adoption by your users.

Drivers for Video collaboration

Offering your employees the right tools can increase productivity and help them reach their full potential. When working in a team, connectivity is crucial. Working with each other, customers and partners is a key driver for companies in deploying video services, the return being even higher with the availability of lower cost, high quality, software based solutions.

  • Increased connectivity with team members
  • Increased impact during presentations
  • Increased retention of shared information, and
  • Increased productivity by visually empowered teams.

Class Networks is a Gold Partner in deploying cutting edge Vidyo products and services

Vidyo - Solution Snapshot    

Vidyo offers leading‐edge solutions designed with the above consid­erations in mind. In fact, the key advantages of a Vidyo environment (listed below) clearly address these considerations in order to overcome the challenges that historically impeded adoption and ROI.

If your organisation is at the stage where you are looking for a complete room solution including, video conferencing, microphones, speakerphones, camera and screens, Class Networks can provide everything that you would need: including installation and a support package to ensure you have continued flexibility.

Do you want to :

  • Hold internal meetings with colleagues, customers, donors, patrons often on an ad hoc basis
  • Call people remotely - Vidyo specialises in being able to run a Vidyo call on low bandwidth
  • Call people on different devices: iPad, android tablet, iPhone, Android phone, laptop, PC on H.323 video conferencing system
  • Call different video conferencing technologies
  • Share images/videos while on a call to remote participants
  • Call people who are not in your organisation - use your  "Vidyo Guestlink" invitation to connect to them for free

You've used other free or alternative video conferencing but are sick of losing connection, can't start on time and have to resort to audio conferencing as a backup. Vidyo provides business quality video conferencing  at audio conferencing prices.

  • Quality: Vidyo’s unique architecture (described below) provides a business class experience with exceptional resiliency

  • Device / Network Friendly: Vidyo’s software based offerings are optimised to provide business class quality on the devices and networks used every day in the typical SME workplace

  • Affordability: The cost savings come from a number of sources

  • Vidyo users avoid the expense of specialised or dedicated network and/or hardware. - Vidyo is user friendly. Users can manage their own calls, avoiding support costs
  •  Vidyo’s actual cost is comparable to audio conferencing, whereas traditional video conferencing could be orders of magnitude higher

Please note, the advantages of Vidyo technology go far beyond this top level list.


Tangible benefits Intangible benefits
Lower travel costs More efficient meetings
Shortened project times Exchange of non-verbal communications
Improved speed and teamwork on projects Stronger sense of community between business contacts, companies, patrons and donors
Work during strikes and bad weather Face to face connection
Flexibility to add onto existing hardware infrasturucture or use only cloud based solutions Develop stronger sense of familiarity with colleagues/customers they may never meet in person

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