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Line Safe

The Line Safe service is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver to our customers the highest quality communication services, without excessive ongoing or unexpected costs.

Line Safe has been introduced in response to the number of visits made to customer premises by Openreach engineers who subsequently deem their visit to be chargeable.

It is often impossible to assess whether an Openreach visit will be chargeable until the engineer has attended site. This is despite the best efforts of our Customer Service team who work closely with Openreach to ensure that all the necessary remote checks and diagnostics are carried out prior to a visit.

The Line Safe service provides peace of mind that when a line fault is logged with Openreach and a site visit requested which proves chargeable the cost will not be passed on. This allows us to request the attendance of an Openreach engineer without delay or the fear of unexpected charges ensuring no time is lost.

To provide maximum protection against unexpected costs, lines billed by us are automatically registered for Line Safe which will cover the cost of any Openreach visits in relation to line faults that are unexpectedly deemed chargeable once the engineer has been to site.

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