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The Pen Shop sign up to Class Networks converged connectivity solution

About The Pen Shop

The Pen Shop is Europe’s largest writing instrument specialist with 19 branches nationwide including standalone shops and concessions in major department stores.

Why The Pen Shop chose Class Networks

Class Networks already enjoyed a long standing and trusted relationship with the Pen Shop having already deployed a centrally managed Avaya IP Office phone system at its HQ. With demand and reliance for cloud based applications increasing, The Pen Shop needed to upgrade its data connectivity to provide a robust and resilient network across all sites. Class demonstrated its credentials to improve their infrastructure, simplify the supply chain and provide the essential return on investment.

What was the challenge?

The Pen Shop’s existing Wide Area Network did not provide sufficient bandwidth to meet current demands and had no scope to upgrade. HQ were using an ADSL connection to alleviate the issue but this was only a short term fix and the Internet breakout from the existing data centre also needed more bandwidth. The Pen Shop wanted to start using iPads in store to promote its full range to customers as well as check stock at HQ which meant their network had to be redesigned. Whilst sites were using their ADSL connections to make calls via the HQ Avaya phone system, calls were routed in and out using the HQ ISDN 30 connection. Any upgrade to their network could only happen with assurance of no downtime or operational impact.

What was the solution?

  1. MPLS upgrade – a 100MB bearer Ethernet leased line was installed at HQ to provide future proof capacity whilst allowing actual bandwidth to be selected based on current needs. Internet breakout from the Data Centre was also upgraded which again could easily be expanded as and when demand increases.
  2. Resilience – WLAN routers were upgraded at each site to allow back up to 3G/4G mobile connectivity in the event of network failure.
  3. SIP –The ISDN 30 connection at HQ was ceased and SIP was utilised on the HQ leased line to provide a total VoIP virtual private network across all sites.

What was the outcome?

  • Consolidation – Single supplier to manage a converged network for voice and data services
  • Future-proofed infrastructure – network is now capable of supporting all existing and future business applications
  • Flexibility – Sites can easily and economically be added and removed from the core network as needs change.
  • Cost Reduction– All voice services now run over the MPLS network using SIP resulting in cheaper call charges and the removal of redundant PSTN lines .

The Pen Shop

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