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About Jesus Fellowship Trust

The Jesus Army, also known as the Jesus Fellowship Church, aims to be a contemporary expression of the historic Christian Faith. The Jesus Army is particularly active with many in need, including homeless young people, prisoners and ex-prisoners and those involved in alcohol and drug abuse. Within the trust, co-operative Christian businesses have been pioneered, providing employment for many members which are owned and controlled by the fellowship through Trustees.


Why Jesus Fellowship Life Trust chose Class Networks

Jesus Army

The Trust consists of many disparate community homes and businesses which act autonomously but use their collective purchasing power to secure the most advantageous supplier arrangements for its mobile phones. As an existing supplier of telephony services to numerous organisations within the trust, Class already had a great insight into the diversity and structure of the group. They evidenced how the Trust’s requirements for managing its mobile fleet across the many disparate groups could be accommodated and centrally managed. Following a tendering process Class Networks was awarded the mobile service contract for the group. Class came out top in all the key areas of billing and reporting, value for money and contractual flexibility. 

What was the challenge?

Collectively the Trust operate over 300 mobile connections across all of their organisations but each site requires its own bill for accounting purposes. For many years, the Trust had contracted directly with one of the 4 network providers but was becoming increasingly frustrated at the inflexibility of the billing and the penal contractual conditions. Plus, the widespread geographic locations of sites and remote workers meant no single network provider could provide total signal coverage. In addition each site had different requirements for handsets and the usage profile for calls, texts and data varied greatly across the organisation.

What was the solution?

Class designed a bespoke bundle that matched the profile of all users within the group that also catered for a complete handset refresh matching the needs of each individual site . The inherent flexibility within the Class billing system allows each site to be billed separately with access to the on-line portal for management and reporting purposes. Automated usage alerts have been set up to give speedy notifications to key stakeholders to avoid call, text or data thresholds being breached.  As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Class Networks has supplied connectivity across multiple mobile networks ensuring optimum network coverage.

What was the outcome?

  • Seamless migration – The Class project management team planned the migration from the incumbent network provider to ensure that user experience was positive with minimal disruption to service.
  • Billing & Reporting – Each site receives one monthly bill for all its services including mobile, fixed line and broadband. Secure access to the Class on-line billing portal enables further analysis on usage and spend.
  • Reduced cost – Internal administration time has been significantly reduced and the tailored bundled package has delivered substantial savings over the previous supplier.
  • Improved reception – the ability to use more than one mobile network has ensured network coverage is optimised.
  • Flexibility – The contractual flexibility has allowed redundant connections to be cancelled and new connections have been added without unduly extending the contract term.
  • Managed service desk – users have a single point of contact for all their telephony services.




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