Friends of the Earth appoint Class Networks to provide a unified communications solution nationwide

About Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth (FOE) are an environmental charity organisation campaigning for solutions to environmental problems on both a local and international level.

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 Why Friends of the Earth chose Class Networks

Following an in depth tendering process, Class Networks was selected from a final short list of three suppliers to provide a unified communications solution. Class demonstrated their expertise in the voluntary sector (with over a thousand clients in this sector) and their understanding of FOE’s requirements. It is important for FOE to work with like-minded partners and the Class Networks solution was eco-friendly and helped reduce their carbon footprint.

What was the challenge?

Friends of the Earth head-office had a very old phone system which was unreliable and expensive to maintain. Regional sites operated independently deploying their own systems which were becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to support. FOE wanted a consistent user experience with everyone in the organisation having access to the same functionality. It was important, in support of their mission to be eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprint that staff could operate and communicate from any location, including home.

What was the solution?

Class Networks implemented the ShoreTel Internet Protocol (IP) communications platform to run on Friends of the Earth’s newly upgraded Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network allowing all sites and remote workers to be connected to each other.

Unifying communications enabled Friends of the Earth to integrate its many forms of communications products and services into a network, allowing for unified operation and management, alongside a consistent user-interface.


What is the outcome?

  • Consistent user experience – all users can access the same information and enjoy identical functionality at every site and location.
  • Better ways of working – Staff can work from anywhere be it the office , home working or hot desking at any of their locations. Unified communications means that users have presence, instant messaging and can set up video and conference calling on the fly.
  • Increased productivity – as a fully managed end to end solution, valuable internal resource can now focus on core activities.
  • Reduced cost – voice and data now run on the same network enabling redundant connectivity to be discontinued. Calls between sites are free and data speeds have increased.
  • Greater resilience – The ShoreTel architecture means there is no single point of failure so users will always be able to make and receive calls.
  • Ecofriendly – The ShoreTel system has the lowest emissions compared to its competitors and the lowest overall cost of ownership.




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