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The Fixing Centre unify their communications infrastructure

About The Fixing Centre

Fixing Centre Ltd. is the UK’s leading provider of stainless steel fabrication, high performance chemical anchors and chemical anchoring systems, for use in the construction and civil engineering industries.

Why Fixing Centre chose Class Networks

Class Networks were introduced to the Fixing Centre via their IT Support supplier with whom Class had already enjoyed a strong collaborative relationship. Having understood their operational challenges, Class presented a solution to resolve these without any further investment needed by the Fixing Centre.

What was the challenge?

The Fixing Centre needed to modernise its infrastructure and telephony system to support the company growth and manufacturing site expansion plans. Its current phone system was unreliable, expensive to maintain and subject to an inflexible lease rental plan. There had been frequent connectivity issues resulting in lost calls and the lack of call reporting made basic resource planning very difficult. The manufacturing site was growing and it was vital that staff in these key areas could communicate with the rest of the business and the outside world. The incumbent provider had not been responsive or proactive in trying to improve service issues or update their infrastructure. Class were given the challenge to resolve this without any extra cost being incurred. 

What was the solution?

  1. Connectivity – an Ethernet leased line was installed at site capable of supporting current voice and data needs with an ADSL line installed for back up. As a result, existing PSTN lines were removed and key telephone numbers were ported over and converted to SIP channels on the Ethernet connection.
  2. Phone System – A new Avaya IP Office was installed on site with built in call reporting and call recording functionality.
  3. Mobility – New mobile smartphones with an Avaya App were deployed to give wireless connectivity throughout the factory and warehouses.

What was the outcome?

  • Resilience – Mission critical data and telephony now have a back up in case of connectivity failure with a stringent SLA. Ethernet connectivity is stable, reliable and secure
  • Dispute resolution – call recording has virtually eliminated customer disputes as there is now in place an auditable trail and easily accessible record of customer communication.
  • Improved Communication – staff can be contacted anywhere on site and can make and receive calls and access information seamlessly.
  • Cost Neutral – The investment for new connectivity and hardware was neutralised by the consolidation in infrastructure and building in the termination charges for the previous system into a new lease purchase agreement.

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